Renewable Energy with Blockchain Technology

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3 min readSep 9, 2021

Solar Farming Energy Project invest smart community digital currency

This dual token will make Ame, Rest power green !

Renewable Energy Power Plant Industry Development Research Division

Solar Farm Renewable Power Plant Industry
We digitize the world
Ample Energy (Ame Coin)
will connect the cryptocurrency market with the renewable energy power plant industry, EV vehicle power station and retail through.

Project Invest Smart Community (ISC) 140 megawatts (MKW)

Uder Control Ample Rich Investor Corp,.Ltd (Thailand)
Energy trutol Company Limited (Owner)

Edax Microgrid Energy

Renewable Energy Trading (Corporate — Community)
This class of platform application solutions lays out smart contract terms for renewable energy traders for digital certification. An asset is a transaction between an organization and an organization to a community. Through management through blockchain technology, it builds the credibility of digital asset equity capital. and intermediary exchanges (Ame Coin and Rent Token) using BlockChain cryptographic account reporting, digital asset special ledger. immutable technology for transparency and accountability It also supports real-time reporting. This makes it possible to submit the delivery of electric power to the enterprise and issue a bill of energy trading certificate to the securities regulator.

Solar Renewable Energy Trading

B2B and selling Is that the company that manufactures the renewable energy industry to sell to Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), company, factory, which is a trade between business and business together. By the management of Energy True Toll will use Blockchain technology of Edax Smart Chain to manage data storage, buy-sell energy through a solution platform, electricity producer company and sell it back to Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) by using blockchain technology It is the sale of renewable electricity to the electric utility. It is considered to be the administration to help the community as a whole.

Development of the area for solar power generation to be used as a renewable energy source to support people in the community and surrounding society to be able to have sustainable electricity. Support to the foundation for use in hospital projects in the near future supporting the service of the EV Station with plans to develop the service for a total of 5 provinces. The pilot project in Phichit City. For the first phase, on an area of ​​731.225 acres, it will be used as a renewable energy source to support people in the community and the surrounding society to have sustainable electricity that can support future fintech and blockchain services.

Goals and development plans
Implementation plans from 2021–2029 have been completed for the first fresnel to provide efficient electricity services.



Energy Trutol

The next step towards superior sustainability renewable energy power plant industry on technology to monitor progress and real-time energy exchange